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Yazd is the center of Yazd Province located in the center of the Iranian plateau, 270 km southeast of Isfahan and close to two of the main historical roads, the Spice and Silk Roads. According to the last official census, the population of Yazd is about 656000. Yazd is a desert city and a great sample of the cities where people have managed the use of very limited water resources by genius inventions like Qanat system which consists of a set of underground water wells for drawing water to the city and is registered as a human heritage by UNESCO. Yazd is also known for its historical earthen architecture known as traditional Persian architecture which has been very well preserved over time unlike many historical cities and villages in the world. Nicknamed as the "city of windcatchers", the historic city of Yazd including traditional earthen houses and alleys, bazaars, hammams, mosques, etc. was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

History of Yazd

The city of Yazd was inhabited since Sassanid Era, and the word Yazd, meaning God in Persian, comes from the name of Yazdegerd I one of the kings of this great ancient empire. When the Arabs invaded Iran Zoroastrianism was the major religion in Iran, and a big population of Zoroastrians migrated to Yazd from other cities in Iran and sheltered in this city, where the governors paid a big tax to the new Arab rulers to keep Yazd a Zoroastrianism center. As a result of its desert climate and difficult access, Yazd was also safe from the Mongol invaders who attacked Iran (1219-1221). In 1272, Marco Polo, the world-known globetrotter visited Yazd and remarked this city's industries like fine silk textiles. Yazd was the capital of Iran during the Muzzafarid Dynasty (14th century), but it got besieged by Sheikh Abu Ishaq, the Injuids king. 

The Geography and Climate of Yazd

With a hot and desert climate, Yazd is the driest major city in central Iran and the hottest city located in the north of the Persian Gulf coast, with about 49 millimeters (1.9 inches) yearly precipitation. During summer the temperature in Yazd is usually above 40 °C (104 °F) with intense sunshine and no humidity. In Yazd, summer nights are also warm. In winter, the days are usually mild and sunny, while the temperature at night can reach below 0 °C (32 °F).

Top attractions that you should visit in Yazd

Jame Mosque of Yazd

Known as one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran, the magnificent 14th-century Jame Mosque of Yazd is crowned with two lofty minarets known as the highest minarets in the world. According to historians, Jame Mosque of Yazd is based on a Zoroastrian fire temple that was built during Sassanid Dynasty. 

Amir Chakhmaq Square

Known as the symbol of Yazd, the three-story facade of Amir Chakhmaq Square is a part of a complex with the same name including a bazaar, Tekyeh, mosque, and water reservoirs built during the Timurid Dynasty. This three-story facade is one of the architectural masterpieces and photography places of the city. 

The Zoroastrian Fire temple

With its atmospheric and historical building, Yazd Fire Temple is the only Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Iran housing the Atash Bahram (the victorious fire), which has the highest grade among the fires in Zoroastrianism. There are only nine Atash Bahram fires in the world and the one in Yazd Fire Temple has been burning since 470 AD.

Towers of Silence

The Zoroastrian Dakhmeh or the Towers of Silence is a cemetery where the Zoroastrians put the corpse to avoid the pollution of water, soil, fire, and air as the four sacred elements of nature. Towers of Silence consists of two circular towers located on hilltops. 

Dowlatabad Garden

This garden is one of the nine Persian gardens registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This lush garden is known for its high and aged trees and the stunning mansion ornamented with stained glasses and topped with a windcatcher known as the loftiest windcatcher in the world. 

The Historic City of Yazd

Yazd is one of the oldest yet alive cities in the world, and what makes it stand out is its old city district which is very well-preserved and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking through the maze of alleys of the Historic City of Yazd and learning about the earthen architecture, windcatchers and traditional houses of such a historical city is something that you can't experience everywhere in the world. 

Things to buy in Yazd


Termeh is gorgeous silk fabric which its warp is silk and its weft is colorful silk, cotton and wool. Olden days Termeh was hand woven and this is why it is called finger woven fabric. The most famous pattern on Termeh is called Buteh which is like paisley pattern.

Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery has about 7000 years old history in Iran. the earthenware is world famous for its designs, especially “fish Design’’ Meybod is a prominent pottery-producing center in Yazd province. This earthenware is world famous for its designs, especially “fish”, “the lady sun” and “the hen”. Meybod is a prominent pottery-producing center in Yazd province.


yazd is well-known in Iran for its pastries and sweets.


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