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Termeh - The  Iranian handwoven textile

Termeh - The Iranian handwoven textile

Termeh is a type of luxurious handwoven textile and is among the best Iranian handicrafts and souvenirs. Yazd is the city of beautiful textiles.

September 28, 2020

Termeh is a type of luxurious handwoven textile and is among the best Iranian handicrafts and souvenirs. A handmade Termeh is usually made of silk or wool and sometimes gold and silver strings are interwoven into this eye-catching textile. Producing Termeh textile (Termeh Bafi) is a time-consuming process and requires attention and a good taste in choosing harmonic colors and forms in the best way, as Iranian traditional artists did since ancient times until today. Weaving Termeh textile in Iran traces back to the Achaemenid period (2500 years ago), and this art was flourished during the Safavid Era (16th and 17th century).

Termeh pattern and colors

The most important Termeh pattern is paisley which is named “Botteh” or “Botteh Jeghe” in Persian. This motif has roots in ancient Iranian religion, Mithraism, and its footprint can be found in Persian Carpets and other Persian handicrafts like Ghalamkar textiles. The Botteh Motif on a Termeh textile is accompanied by other motifs including cypress, fish, birds, and delicate floral forms. Termeh is made in different colors, including different shades of green orange, red, and turquoise blue, but all colors are deep and modest colors. The value of a Termeh textile is assessed with the number of colors, the delicacy of patterns, and the quality of the textile.

Termeh Textile

Where can you find the best Termeh textiles?

The cities in the east of Iran like Meybod, Ravar, Sirjan, Kerman, Yazd, etc. are known for producing beautiful and diverse handwoven carpets and textiles since ancient times. Yazd is the city of Termeh weaving with a rich background in this field and many active traditional workshops weaving the best Termeh textiles. Fortunately, most Iran tour itineraries include visiting the two historic cities of Yazd and Kerman and you can visit a Termeh workshop to see how this precious textile is produced and buy one as a memorable Persian souvenir.

What is Termeh Textile used for?

Termeh has a special place in Iranian ceremonies and almost in every Irani house, you can find a piece of this fine textile. It is usually used during Nowruz as a tablecloth for setting the Haft Seen Table and in wedding ceremonies. It is also used for making scarves, cushion covers, garments, curtains, etc.

Termeh Textile


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