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Modern, alive, friendly, and safe, Tehran is a city that you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Iran. Almost all Iran tour itineraries start or finish in Tehran, the capital of Iran with a population of about 15 million. The travelers visiting Iran, usually spend 2-3 nights in this vibrant and attractive metropolitan to visit its modern, recreational and historical attractions including its museums which are mong the top museums of Iran, its charming palaces and gardens with royal mansions from Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties, and its modern art galleries to get acquainted with the atmosphere of this city and modern life in Iran. In the big city of Tehran you have got many choices  for everything. For choosing a good budget or fancy restaurant to eat, or a concert, theater or movie to spend the afternoon, also for choosing a good acoomoodation and hotel in Tehran there are many options available. From friendly hostels with pocket friendly prices to budget 3-star hotels or luxurious and fancy 5-star hotels, you have many options for staying in Tehran. Here we have introduced the top 5-star hotels of Tehrn which are among the top hotels in this city.

Espinas Hotel of Tehran

Tehran Espinas Hotel is known to be the first 5-star hotel of Tehran which opened after the revolution, in 1979. With a very good location and modern facilities in its 224 rooms, Espinas Hotel gives excellent service to travelers. This hotel has other facilities like shopping center, restaurants, cafes and conference halls.

Espinas Hotel address: No 126, Keshavarz Blvd, Valiasr Square, Farah Abad, Tehran Phone: +98 021 83844


 Espinas Hotel of Tehran

Espinas Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel of Tehran

Located in the north of Tehran and faced to the Alburz Mountain Range, Esteghlal International Hotel is one of the biggest 5-star hotels of Tehran. This hotel involves two towers which have 504 rooms and 48 suites with excellent services and facilities. One of the advantages of booking a room in Esteghlal Hotel is that you are going to be close to historical attractions like Saad Abad Complex and Mellat Park and also you have access to Iranian carpet shops, jewelry and antique shops and sport clubs inside the hotel.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel address: Crossroad of Chamran and Valiasr, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel, Tehran, Iran Phone: +98 21 22660011-25


Parsian Esteghlal Hotel of Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Parsian Azadi Hotel of Tehran

Known as one of the most modern hotels in Iran, the 5-star Parsian Azadi Hotel was opened in Tehran in 2012. This hotel which is close to the International Exhibition of Tehran and Enghelab Sport Complex has 6 different types of rooms including junior suites, royal suites, presidential suits, duplex suits, etc.

Parsian Azadi Hotel address: Address: Yadegar-e-Emam Intersection, Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran Phone: + 98 21 29112


Parsian Azadi Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Parsian Azadi Hotel - Tehran, Iran

 Novotel IKA Airport Hotel of Tehran

The 5 star Novotel Hotel of Tehran is located beside the IKA Airport and is one of the first airport hotels of Iran and involves two luxurious hotels named Ibis and Novotel. If you have booked a connection international flight or you want to take a rest for some hours before or after your flight, staying in Novotel is going to be the best choice.

Novotel Tehran IKA address: Persian Gulf Highway, Opposite Terminal 1, South of Main Blvd, Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran 13445 Iran Phone: +98 21 5567 7900 


Novotel Airport hotel in Tehran

 Novotel IKA Airport Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Espinas Palace Hotel of Tehran

Being located on the Saadat Abad hills which is one of the best spots in north of Tehran, Espinas Palace is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels of Iran with amazing architecture. This hotel building has 20 floors with 400 rooms and has modern facilities like different restaurants, tennis clubs, and halls.

Espinas Palace Hotel address: No.33 Alley, Abedi Street, Behroud Sq., Saadat Abad, 1981846911 Tehran, Iran Phone: +98 21 75 675 000. Fax: +98 21 75 675 365


Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Laleh Hotel of Tehran

The 5-star Laleh Hotel of Tehran was established in 1970 and got developed as a great chain hotel in Iran with branches in kandovan Village, Chabahar Port, Sarein, Sabalan and Bistoon. The Laleh Hotel of Tehran is a thirteen story building with 380 rooms including double rooms, twin rooms, connected rooms and great confrance halls, restaurants and cafes. This hotel is located by the great Laleh Park ot Tehran and has a great view to the Damavand Mount Peak and is also close to the Carpet Museum.

Laleh Hotel address: Fatemi Street, Tehran, Iran Phone: 009821  88965021- 9


Laleh Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Laleh Hotel - Tehran, Iran

Whether you are booking one of the tours of Iran with PackToIran or you are going to visit Iran indipendantly and without a tour, we are going to be proud to help you in booking your preferred hotel in Tehran or other cities of Iran as a travel agency in Iran. So contact us and book your hotel in Iran with a few clicks online.

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