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Best cheap hotels in Tehran

Best cheap hotels in Tehran

The best cheap and budget hotels in Tehran are Parastoo Hotel, Khayyam Hotel, and New Naderi Hotel. Contact us to book your your hotel in Tehran.

September 14, 2020

Besides being the modern and populous capital of Iran, Tehran is one of the top destinations in Iran with significant attractions from the Qajar and Pahlavi era like the UNESCO listed Golestan Palace and Niavaran Palace, and amazing museums like Iran National Museum, Treasury of National Jewels, Carpet Museum, etc., and when it comes to hotel in Tehran, there are is a good choice for everyone.

From luxurious hotels in Tehran to budget hotels and hostels in Tehran, there is a lot of accommodations available in this metropolitan which is full of travelers all around the year. If you are looking for budget hotels in Tehran, read below to find the best cheap hotels in Tehran.

1- New Naderi Hotel

The New Naderi Hotel was opened in 1960 in Tehran, and it was renovated in 2017 to upgrade its service and room standards. This hotel is a seven-story building with 59 rooms with facilities including, furniture, private toilet and bathroom, fridge, and a calm atmosphere, which helps you enjoy taking a rest after a long day. This hotel has general amenities like a café, Sauna, luggage room, gym, and a restaurant serving tasty Iranian cuisines. The best thing about the New Nader Hotel is located in Jomhouri Street of Tehran and is close to the Treasury of National Jewels, Ceramic Museum, and the UK and Russian Embassy.

Book your room at New Naderi

2- Parastoo Hotel

Opened in 1958 as Angelos Hotel, Parastoo Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, with experienced, professional, and helpful staff. So if you are a budget traveler and looking for a cheap hotel in Tehran you can be sure about Parastoo hotel’s good service. This two-story hotel has 22 rooms with good facilities and general facilities like laundry, a restaurant with good meals, free Wi-Fi, and a calm lobby where you can sit and communicate with other travelers. Parastoo Hotel is located in Si- e Tir Street of Tehran, which is one of the main and old streets of Tehran with many historical buildings and attractions and good access to metro stations.

Book your room at Parastoo Hotel

3- Khayyam Hotel

Khayyam Hotel of Tehran was opened in Tehran in 1957 and got renovated to meet the travelers' needs in 2016. This three-story hotel has 45 double, single, twin, and quad rooms with good facilities like clean toilets and bathrooms. Khayyam Hotel is located around Baharestan Square of Tehran which is close to many attractions like the National Museum, Golestan Palace, Post Museum, and metro and BRT stations.

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