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Unveiling the Secrets of Iran Food Culture

Unveiling the Secrets of Iran Food Culture

Iran is a vast country with a high variety of climate, leading to the diversity of food resources and food culture in this country. From the north of Iran to the south, there are numerous types of food cooked with fresh local ingredients. For Iranians cooking is not only preparing a meal but also it is keeping the Iranian culture and origins alive. Iran food culture is one aspect of travelling to Iran, that will always remain vivid in the tourists memory. Iran food culture is so different from the foods all over the world,in many ways.

October 29, 2019

Iran food culture - The Ingredients

Iranian food is one of the healthiest, and the most delicious foods in the world. In Iran food culture, most of the meals are cooked with healthy cooking methods, and fresh ingredients. Also, Iranians have interestingly considered the required substances of the body in the combination of ingredients while cooking one meal. Iranian people like the spices very much and Iranian food contains delicious, diverse, and nutritious kinds of spices. There are endless Iranian foods that can be introduced as the traditional cuisines of this country. Most of the meat foods are cooked with lamb and sometimes beef is used in cooking, however, the staple part in Persian food culture, includes bread and rice (Polo).


Iranian Food Contains All The Elements of The Food Pyramid

Persian Food 

Different types of bread, like Barbari, Sangak, Lavash, and Taftoon are cooked in different cities and the method of cooking rice, in Iran food culture, is world known! Seafood is mostly cooked in southern cities lied by the Persian Gulf and the northern cities by the Caspian Sea. The seafood in southern Iran is known for being so diverse, tasty and chili. In addition to different types of vegetables that are planted in every corner of Iran, this country has been lucky to be home to coveted ingredients like pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pomegranates, and the precious Saffron, known as the red gold! Iran food culture is very rich in nutrients and supplies plenty of energy for the body. All the components of the food pyramid is usually being eaten in one single serving of Iranian food.


A Typical Bakery In Iran

Iran food culture - Cooking Style

Iranians usually tend to eat family style, and they prefer to serve the food when all the family members are present at home. They respect the food and the blessing of having enough food to eat and refuse wasting food around the table or while cooking. Regarding to Iran food culture, some cuisines are a part of Iranian traditions and rituals. They usually have “Sabzi Polo ba Mahi” (rice and fish) on the first day of Nowruz which is a remembrance of the ancient Mithra Philosophy or no Yalda Night Ceremony will be complete without having some pomegranate with family members. Another tradition in Iran food culture, is that after someone starts a long journey, the family members cook and serve a special “Aash” (Iranian soup), to wish them health and happiness during the journey. Having one meal, containing all traditions of Iran food culture, with a local Iranian family, is one of the most amazing activities a traveler can experience while exploring Iran. Today, Iran culinary tours are also getting popular among the foodie travelers and chefs who are seeking new food cultures.


Tourists Enjoying The Colors of A Persian Meal

Differences in Cooking Iranian Food

In Iran food culture, we usually spend a lot of time for cooking and preparing a meal. While cooking an Iranian food, we always use a lot of onions, garlics, as well as aromatic and nutrious spices, so in Iran food culture you will never feel that fetid smell of meat, chicken, and even fish, and also the stinking fat while eating an Iranian meal. In Iranian food culture, green, raw and leafy vegtables have many fans. People in Iran usually eat and serve their meals with raw and fresh vegetables such as chives, parsley, radish, basil, mint, and tarragon, and this is the inseparable part of Iran food culture. But it does not mean that in Iran food culture we have removed salad from our tables. In Iran food culture, some drinks like yogurt drink (or Persian Doogh or Turkish Ayran), and also drinks which have same ingredients as lemonade and mojito, are more common to be served with Iranian food, than carbonated, suger-filled soft drinks. Iranian cuisine is a must-try for any food lover traveling to the country. The diverse range of foods to try in Iran includes succulent kebabs, fragrant stews, and mouth-watering rice dishes. Iranian cuisine is known for its use of aromatic spices, herbs, and flavors, creating a unique and unforgettable taste. From the famous saffron-infused rice dish, Chelo Kebab, to the hearty Gheimeh stew, each dish offers a delicious and authentic taste of Iran. Trying Iranian food is also an excellent way to immerse oneself in the local culture and experience the country's culinary traditions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to sample some of the best foods to try in Iran. 

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