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about PackToIran

about PackToIran

PackToIran is a travel agency in Iran, which operates various tours from Iran culture tours, to Iran eco tours and special tours of Iran like culinary tour, nomad tour, etc.

March 11, 2021

PackToIran is a tour operator and travel agency in Iran based in Shiraz. We are a team of travel enthusiasts who have worked in different fields of the tourism industry like tour operating, marketing, and travel blogging for years and came up with the idea of founding PackToIran in 2018 and started our local business in 2019. Since we are aware that Iran is a misunderstood destination that is hidden behind the propaganda and fake political news, our biggest goal as an Iranian tour operator is to introduce this country as a safe travel destination and help travelers from all over the world to have a wonderful trip to Iran. While designing our tours and during every Iran tour that we operate, we adhere to our main principles like the safety of travel, sustainable travel, and providing authentic and new experiences.

PackToIran travel agency operates various cultural, adventure, and special interest Iran tours all around the country, about which you can read below and choose your favorite one.

Iran culture tours

When it comes to traveling to Iran, the first thing that comes to mind is the cultural aspect of this land projected on the historical and cultural attractions and monuments, including cities and palaces left from the ancient civilizations of the world, architectural masterpieces of the Islamic era like the awe-inspiring mosques, gardens, and bazaars. Therefore, Iran culture tours are usually the most popular Iran tours among travelers who are interested in ancient destinations like Iran. Depending on your budget and the number of days you want to spend in Iran, you can choose among our different culture tours and explore the top cultural highlights of Iran in top touristic cities.


Nasir-al Molk - Shiraz, Iran

Special tours

We have designed special Iran tours for customers who look for unique experiences and the ones who want more than sightseeing and prefer to take part in special activities and learn new things. On Iran painting Tour, which is our most unique tour and usually attracts artist travelers, you will learn different techniques of Persian painting, meet artists in different cities, and enjoy painting the charming attractions of Iran. Iran Food Tour is an amazing expedition including Persian culinary classes, family dinners with locals, and tasty foods that you can taste only in Iran. Iran Nomad Tour is the best choice for the ones who are interested in meeting ethnic groups and forgotten cultures. This PacktoIran tour offers the opportunity to stay with nomads of Iran take part in their daily activities.


Iran Nomad Tour

Second Time to Iran

Apart from its classic tourist route including Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, there are other cities in the north, northwest, and west of Iran that amaze every visitor with their cultural and natural attractions. The most popular tour of the second time to Iran tours is our Kurdistan Expedition. This tour covers the western region of Iran which is home to undiscovered ancient heritages, exotic villages like Kandovan which leaves you speechless. What makes Kurdistan Tour so special is that it lets you meet the Kurdish people of Iran and get acquainted with their rich culture and traditions.


Uraman Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Iran Eco Tours

In recent years the rich and various of Iran has attracted so many nature lovers and adventurers. This land offers various natural attractions from lush forests and rainy lands to the vast desert with scenic dunes and warm islands with calm beaches. We have tried to include most of the natural attractions of Iran on our Iran Eco tours so travelers can choose their favorite activity in the best season. If you are a fan of skiing, you can ski in Dizin Resort, which is the best one in the Middle East with powdery snow and great slopes. At the same time in winter, you can take a Qeshm Island Adventure tour and have a memorable time on this magical island known for its world-known geo-park. Also, summer is the best time for climbing Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East, 5670 meters above sea level.


Qeshm Island

Tailor made tours

If you are looking for something more special except the Iran tours introduced above, you also have the option to deign your own Iran tour based on your favorite activities and the cities and places you prefer to visit in Iran. Our team will give you consultant while designing your tour, will reserve the required services, and apply for your Iran visa.

PackToIran tour prices

One of our main principles in PackToIran is providing different prices so that travelers with different budgets be able to get an Iran tour and visit the beauties of this country. Therefore, all our Iran tour packages can be operated as budget tours, comfort style tours, and luxurious tours. We book different services from budget guesthouses to top 5-star hotels, and from public trains and buses to private sedan cars.


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