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Blog Category : Iranian art and handicrafts

December 2, 2021
Top souvenirs to buy in Isfahan
Isfahan is the city of handicrafts and no trip to this city would be complete without buying some souvenirs from this fabulous city. Here is an introduction to the top souvenirs to buy in Isfahan.
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May 10, 2021
Places to photograph in Iran
As a photographer who is going to travel to Iran you might wonder what are the best attractions that you should photograph in Iran. With its diverse culture and nature, Iran has a lot of photography spots. Read below to find your favourite photography spot in Iran!
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April 10, 2021
Painting the beauties of Iran
Including visiting the top cultural and historical sites of Iran in the main touristic cities, meeting the modern and traditional artists and painters, and sketching the most charming attractions of Iran, Iran Painting Tour is one of the most special Iran tours of PackToIran travel agency in Iran.
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March 22, 2021
souvenirs to buy in Iran
From charming handwoven carpets, and delicate Khatam Kari pieces, to aromatic saffron of Iran and tasty traditional sweets there are many things that you can buy in Iran and take back home as a memento of your travel to Iran. Here is a guide to top souvenirs to buy in Iran.
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December 28, 2020
Ghalamzani - Persian handicraft
Ghalamzani or engraving on metal is one of the top Iranian handicrafts which is still practiced in cities like Isfahan and is a great souvenir of Iran.
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December 3, 2020
Persian Miniature
Persian miniature or Iranian painting is one of the most wonderful and oldest Iranian arts which has been practiced since ancient times and has been divided to different styles (schools). Persian miniature is registered as a UNESCO world Heritage. On this blog we are going to introduce different schools of Persian miniature in different cities through the history.
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September 28, 2020
Termeh textile
Termeh is a type of luxurious handwoven textile and is among the best Iranian handicrafts and souvenirs. Yazd is the city of beautiful textiles.
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September 7, 2020
Persian turquiose stone
Turquoise is an eye-catching gemstone which is extracted in Neishabour city of eastern Iran, which has the biggest and oldest turquoise mine in the world. Turquoise is one of the best souvenirs of Iran.
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August 17, 2020
Persian Carpets
The noble Persian carpets have been woven with different weaving techniques, designs, and colors for thousands of years and in different regions of the vast country of Iran, and today it is famous worldwide, as it is one of the most popular souvenirs of Iran among the travelers. In this blog we have introduced the top city-style and nomadic carpets that you might like to buy when you travel to Iran.
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June 9, 2020
Iranian handicrafts
June 10 marks the World Handicrafts Day and celebrates the skill of artists and the glamour of handicrafts all around the world. The World Handicrafts Council was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
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