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Dizi: Traditional Iranian food that you should try

Dizi: Traditional Iranian food that you should try

Dizi is one of the tastiest and most original Iranian cuisines that you should try while traveling in Iran.

November 26, 2020

Dizi, which is also called “Abgoosht” (literally meaning meat broth), is an original and tasty Iranian food which is popular among Iranians, meat lovers, and travelers who taste this rich and delicious food for the first time. Almost every traveler who is interested in Persian culinary tries this food, as it is mentioned on the menu of most of the traditional Iranian restaurants. Dizi or Abgoosht is mentioned in many history books as a luxurious food usually served in royal ceremonies. It was also a main dish among the nomads, as they had a big herd with them and it was a fast and nutritious food when they stopped to take a rest during their long journeys.

In different cities of Iran, you may find various recipes for cooking Dizi, but the main ingredients include fat lamb or beef, tomato and tomato paste, potato, onion, beans, peas, and different types of spice. Dizi is slowly cooked in small ceramic or stone pots named Dizi, until the meat gets tender and soft. Traditional Dizi gets served in the same pot it got cooked in. If you want to have your Dizi like a local, first you should pour the meat broth in a bowl and add small pieces of bread to it to make “Tilit”, which is a soft and tasty side dish. Then, you should mash the meat and other ingredients in the pot and then enjoy your Iranian Dizi with traditional Irani bread like Sangak, fresh table vegetables, pickles, raw onion, and end your meal with a glass of Doogh, which is a diary based Iranian drink. packtoiran

As mentioned above Abgoosht is cooked with different recipes in different cities. In Kerman they add some Kashk (whey) and garlic to their Abgoosht and call it Boz Ghormeh, while in Kurdistan they cook it with chicken and spilt pea. Boz Bash is a type of Abgoosht which is cooked with some green herbs and can be served with rice as a stew. There are many more types of Abgoosht, which are added with other ingredients like eggplant, quince, wheat, etc.

Where to eat Dizi (Abgoosht) in Iran?

Tehran is known for having the best Dizi restaurants in Iran. For having an original Dizi you have two choices. You can choose a traditional and old Dizi shop which are called Dizi Saraa in Persian and are usually located in Tehran Grand Bazaar which is a large traditional bazaar or other neighborhoods in downtown. These Dizi shops may not look so fancy and be so crowded, but they serve the best Dizi in town. Dizi Sara-ye Azari, Dizi Sara-ye Iranshahr, Dizi Saraa-ye Tarasht, are some of the best ones in Tehran. You can also choose Iranian restaurants in Tehran where they serve Dizi in a modern atmosphere, like the Dizi Bar Restaurant, Atish Dizi Bar, and Dizi land.

To learn about cooking different types of Abgoosht and other Iranian cuisines, take PackToIran’s Iran Culinary Tour and enjoy a tour to cities of Iran and learn about their cuisines.

Dizi - Iran Culinary Tour

Dizi - Iran Culinary Tour


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