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Mount Damavand: The highest peak in Iran and the Midle East

Mount Damavand: The highest peak in Iran and the Midle East

The vast country of Iran is home to numerous mountains and peaks. The highest mountain is Damavand which is the symbol of stability and strength in Iranian culture and myths. The legendary Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East and is also the highest volcanic peak in Asia.

November 2, 2019

Damavand Mountain General information

According to the National Statistics of Iran, Damavand Mountain has an altitude of 5610 m, while the NASA Earth Observatory declares 5670 m. Damavand is located in the central part of the Alborz (Alburz) Mountain Range and the south of the Caspian Sea, and on a sunny day with a clean air, the high and majestic Damavand Peak is notable from Tehran, Qom, Varamin and some northern cities located by the Caspian Sea. This mountain is home to different species like wolves, rams, wild boars, eagles, bat, etc. and varied plants, especially the poppy flowers.

Mount Damavand - Iran
Mount Damavand - Iran

The weather

From March to April, the weather is very unstable with lots of rain, snow, and storms. So climbing to the summit of Damavand is very risky during this time. Because of the mild and stable weather, very lush nature and enough water on the route, the best and the busiest time for climbing Damavand Peak is from July to August, and if you are looking for a less crowded time to climb to the summit of Damavand, you can choose September although sudden changes in the weather and not finding enough water are likely. From October to mid-March this area passes very cold and snowy days with storms, also climbers don’t find enough water supplies.


Mount Damavand - Iran

Mount Damavand - Iran

Climbing Damavand

The technical challenge and the amazing natural beauty has caused climbers from all over the world to be keen to climb this fabulous peak, however, this requires sufficient physical fitness, equipment, acclimation, and a local guide.

Climbing routes

There are four climbing routes on Damavand Mount, including the Northern Flank passing through two glaciers, the Northeastern Flank passing the Takht-e Fereidoon basecamp, the Western Flank passing the Simurq basecamp, and the Southern Flank passing Polur area, Rineh, Goosfand Sara and Bargah-e Sevom. According to the climbers, the easiest and the safest route is the Southern Flank and the most difficult one is the Northern Flank.

Carrying backpacks

Usually, climbers don’t pack unnecessary gears and sometimes they use mules to carry their backpacks to Damavand Peak. Also, you have the option to leave some stuff at the basecamp and climb up to the top with a peak backpack.


Whether you are climbing Damavand individually or taking a Damavand climbing tour, you have to be aware of the environmental risks and be cautious about them. The risks you should consider include, storms, fog, cold, landslide, fatigue and acute mountain sickness.

Climbing mount Damavand - Iran

Climbing mount Damavand - Iran


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