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Top things to do in Iran

Top things to do in Iran

Although Iran is mainly known for its historical monuments and traveling to Iran is believed to be all about sightseeing and visiting the ancient heritages, there are many fun activities and non-touristy things that you can do in this destination. Activities like joining a cooking class, or listening to traditional Iranian music, will help you have a better connection with the deep Persian culture. Read more on this blog.

August 19, 2020

Before traveling to Iran you might have many questions like “Is it safe to travel to Iran?” What should I pack? And the most important one, what are the top experiences in Iran? In this blog, PackToIran has made a list of top things to do in Iran so that you can get the best out of your trip to Iran.

Visiting the ancient heritages of Iran

No trip to Iran would be complete without visiting the amazing heritages left from pre-historic and ancient civilizations in Iran. Some of the most famous and important ones are the glorious Persepolis which was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid kings constructed in 518 BC., and the ancient city of Bishapour in Fars Province which was established by Shapour the great Sassanid king. If you want to walk further through the history of Iran, you may like to visit the Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat of Elamite civilization which is located in Khuzestan province and dates back to 1250 BC!

Travelers visiting Persepolis - Iran

Travelers visiting Persepolis - Iran

Meeting the hospitable Iranians

The country of Iran and its people have been misunderstood for decades, so far as some travelers used to think Iranian women wear burqa and there will not be enough food in this country! But thanks to the tourism industry and the people of Iran, propagandas are now fading away. The truth is that what makes first-time travelers to Iran so surprised is the hospitality and openness of people especially to their guests and travelers who visit Iran. They are so welcoming to travelers visiting Iran and greet them with a smile. They are also willing to help travelers especially backpackers and solo female travelers with finding addresses, offering them free services like a free ride, or having a chat with them. So, if you are interested in communicating with Iranian people to learn about Iranian culture, feel free to do so!

Travelers having a chat with local Iranians - Iran

Travelers having a chat with local Iranians - Iran

Watching the night sky in deserts of Iran

Since one-third of the vast land of Iran is covered with deserts of Iran, this country is home to many deserts that are natural wonders with mind-blowing beauty, like the Maranjab Desert, Mesr Desert, and Varzaneh Desert located in the heart of the great Central Desert of Iran, and the magnificent Shahdad Desert of Kerman located in the Lut Deseret. Apart from the charming beauty of Iran deserts, what makes these deserts more worth visiting is the pleasure of stargazing at night. With millions of stars and magical meteorites, Iran desert sky at night has been an inspiration for many poets, writers, and wise men.

Watching the starry night sky in deserts of Iran

Watching the starry night sky in deserts of Iran

Staying with nomads of Iran

Experience what it is like to be a nomad by staying overnight at a nomadic black tent. Today Iran nomad tours are getting popular among the travelers who seek more than cultural sightseeing in Iran. Nomad tours usually involve, meeting the Qashqai nomads of Fars Province, listening to their local music, learning about their hand-woven carpets, watching them herding and maybe helping them, wearing elegant pieces of traditional cloths, having a warm local meal cooked over a fire, and spending the night in black tents with basic facilities.

Female travelers wearing Qashqai nomad dresses - Iran

Iran nomad tour - PackToIran

Listening to Iranian traditional music

No matter how many cultural sites you visit in Iran, one of the best ways to percept this country’s culture deeply is listening to Iranian traditional folk and classical music, as this music comes from the soul of composer and has very deep roots in this land’s history like Elam, Achaemenid, and Sassanid civilizations. The Radif of Iranian music, which is the traditional repertoire of the classical music of Iran, was inscribed as an intangible human heritage by UNESCO in 2009. One of the best places for listening to original Iranian music is Isfahan Music Museum where a precious collection of instruments is kept and live music performances are available every day.

Musicians playing music in Isfahan Music Musem - Iran

Isfahan Music Musem - Iran

Visiting the awe-inspiring mosques of Iran

What usually comes to mind after hearing the phrase “visiting Iran’, is its superb historic mosques and this is one good cliché, since the initiative, creativity, and the aesthetics of Iranian artists and architects have blossomed in the most beautiful mosques of Iran, and that’s why every traveler whether adventure traveler or cultural traveler will spend hours exploring these mind-blowing monuments. The mosques of Isfahan like the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, The Jaame Shah Mosque, and the Jaame Atiq Mosque are known to be the most well-known mosques of Iran, although the Nasir al Molk Mosque of Shiraz known as the pink mosque, Jame Mosque of Yazd, and the Aqa Bozorg Mosque of Kashan are among the highlights.

travelers visiting Nasir al Molk Mosque - Shiraz, Iran

Nasir al Molk Mosque - Shiraz, Iran

Joining an Iranian cooking class

The verity of ingredients and foods, the unforgettable taste of cuisines, and rich Iranian food culture are the reasons why Iranian food is on top of the cuisines travelers remember. Whether as a one-day tour or a two-week tour, Iran culinary tours or Iranian cooking classes are now getting popular among travelers. Besides being so fun and allowing you to cook food and have it as a memorable meal with an Iranian family, joining a cooking class in Iran will give you so much insight about Iranian cuisines, their ingredients and where to find them, the magic of spices like turmeric and saffron, and the way they are cooked.

travelers joining an Iran culinary tour

Iran culinary tour - PackToIran
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