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Uraman Takht Village in Kurdistan, Iran

Uraman Takht Village in Kurdistan, Iran

Are you curious about the culture of the Kurd people living in Iran? Uraman Takht Village located near Marivan town in Kurdistan Province is home to Kurd people with rich culture and rituals and is one of the villages in Iran that leave every visitor speechless.

July 13, 2020

The magnificent Uraman Takht Village is located in Uraman County of Kurdistan Province in western Iran and is one of the most exquisite villages of Iran in terms of culture and nature.

History of Uraman

The word Uraman or Huraman means the land of Ahura, which is the most sacred spirit in Zoroastrianism, and the land of the Sun. According to the ancient pieces of evidence like a fire temple, the traditions of the region, and the words of the local Hurami language Uraman is an ancient land and its antiquity traces back 2000 BC, while the oldest documentary evidence, like the manuscripts on buckskin, is related to Parthian Era. Some historians believe that Uraman region was an important center during the Sassanid Empire.

Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Uraman Takht Village

The locals of Uraman Takht Village

The people of Uraman Village are from the Kurd race and speak in Hurami language. As a result of the mountainous and cool climate and the abundance of plants in the area, most of the locals are busy with animal husbandry, agriculture, and making amazing handicrafts like handwoven, carpets, kilims and textiles, wooden crafts including traditional music instruments and Giveh, which is the traditional handmade shoe used widely by the Kurdish people. Currently, some locals of Uraman Takht village still wear traditional Kurdish dress, which includes a coat, baggy pants, and a turban for men and a vest worn on a long gown and a scarf ornamented with colorful stones for women.


A local woman in Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

A local woman in Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

The architecture of Uraman Takht Village

Usually, original architecture is compatible with the geography, and the available sources of an area and the traditional architecture of Uraman Village has the same features. Since this village is located on the two sides of a deep coal in a mountainous area, and the houses are built according to this steep ground. This architecture style which is called stepped architecture, causes the roof of the below house to be the courtyard of the above house. The eye-catching view of the stone-made houses, the high mountains behind them, and the wild river flowing below them is one of the main attractions of this village in western Iran.

The stepped architecture of Uraman Takht Village

The stepped architecture of Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Pir Shalyar Ritual

Pir Shalyar is the most important ceremony, held in Uraman Takht Village. This is a thousand-year-old ceremony and is held twice a year in February and April. Pir Shalyar was a legendary character living in Uraman, who healed the deaf and silent daughter of Bukhara King, and the king let him marry the girl as a reward. Pir Shalyar ceremony is their symbolic wedding feast, including visiting the tomb of Pir Shalyar, playing Daf (Iranian percussion instrument), spiritual dancing, and cooking a specific type of Aush (Iranian soup) for three days. Travelers who have visited this ceremony believe that this is one of the most moving performances they have ever visited.

When is the best time to visit Uraman Takht Village?

For travelers who like to visit Uraman when the weather is mild and pleasant, mid-April to early October is the best time, although the days may get a little hot from July to September. In November to March, the weather is cold with rain and snowfalls. During this time, the village has a scenic snowy view and is a wonderful place for photography, and winter climbing.

Where to stay in Uraman Village?

Uraman Village is one of the best villages in Iran where you can experience living with the locals and enjoying their hospitality for a couple of days. There are now many village houses and ecolodges in Uraman Village that host travelers with simple facilities and warm homemade foods at a reasonable price. There is also a good 3-star hotel in Uraman for travelers who look for more comfortable accommodations.

Uraman Takht Village in spring

Uraman Takht Village in spring
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