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What is Morasa Polo (Jeweled Rice) and what is its recipe?

What is Morasa Polo (Jeweled Rice) and what is its recipe?

Morasa Polo (Javaher Polo) or the Jeweled Rice is one of the fancy Iranian cuisines, which has been served in ceremonies and weddings since centuries ago until today. Read below to find out why this food is called the Jeweled Rice!

March 9, 2020

Morasa Polo or the Jeweled Rice has been cooked in Iran since Safavid Dynasty (16th to 17th Century) when Iranian culinary had a big development and many royal Iranian cuisines were invented at this time. Since garnishing this Iranian food is as important as its taste, and it is covered with different types of pricy nuts and colorful fruits, this food is among the fancy and luxurious Iranian cuisines.

Morasa Polo is a rice dish mixed with chopped chicken and lots of saffron, and it is topped with different nuts and fruits some of which are the symbol of a desired gemstone; barberries come as rubies, pistachio pieces represent emeralds, and carrot or candied orange peels are the symbol of gold. Other elements added to this delicious food include almonds, sour cherry, plums, and some sugar and raisins to balance the sourness of other ingredients. On the other hand, the word “Morasa” in Persian means a surface which is designed with pieces of jewels. So now you know why this food is called the Jeweled Rice!

How to cook Morasa Polo?

Soak rice in warm water for an hour. Fry the chicken pieces in onion and spices until color changes. Fry the washed barberries and raisins over medium heat for a few minutes and add a teaspoon of sugar to the barberries while frying. Then slice the orange peels and boil them for a few minutes and drain and repeat this process 3-4 times and then boil them with a few spoons of sugar for a few minutes to sweeten the orange peel and drain for the last time. Meanwhile, cook the rice in the boiling water and add some oil and salt and drain the rice after 15 minutes. Add half of the cooked rice to the pot and cover it with the fried chicken pieces and then add the rest of the rice and then pour a cup of dissolved saffron on the rice. Let it cook for another 30 minutes and then design the cooked rice and chicken with orange peel, almond and pistachio pieces, barberries, cooked sour cherries, and cooked tiny carrots and then serve your tasty and aromatic Morasa Polo.

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Morasa Polo (Jeweld Rice) - Iranian cuisine
Morasa Polo (Jeweld Rice) - Iranian cuisine



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