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It has been two weeks since February 19th, when Iran’s government officially announced the outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran, causing respiratory illness (COVID-19). This issue has caused 1501 total cases and 66 death records so far. This viral pneumonia threatens older adults and the ones with chronic medical conditions all over the world, and since it is easily transmitted from one person to another, the best choice is avoiding nonurgent travels.

Therefore, we (PackToIran team) have decided to cancel all reserved Iran tours of April and March with 0 cancellation fee and refuse to confirm any new tour during this time, until the situation is back to normal and Iran is a safe destination again. Besides, we will observe all authorized news related to the Coronavirus in order to update our audience and guests and to start operating Iran tours with new exciting and astonishing packages!

Travelers visiting Rayen Castle- Kerman, Iran
Travelers visiting Rayen Castle- Kerman, Iran
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