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Best Museums of Tehran that should be visited in this city

Best Museums of Tehran that should be visited in this city

Known as city of museums and art galleires, Tehran is the modern capital of Iran and is one of the most touristic cities that is visited by almost any traveler who travel to Iran. Visiting the Museums of Tehran lets visitors experience traveling back in time. Read below article to find out more about best Museums of Tehran that should be visited in this city.

August 1, 2022

Exploring museums and staring at objects left from old civilizations and dynasties is the favourite hobby and activity for many, and Tehran is home to so many museums with different themes and subjects from art and ancient history to sport and cinema. Since Iran is a travel destination known for its ancient history and rich culture, most travelers who visited Iran choose museums with historical themes, and there are many options for them.

Golestan Palace Museum

Golestan Palace is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Tehran which originally dates back to Safavid Era (16th -17th century), with some extensions from the Zand Era, however its zenith was during the kingdom of Qajar kings especially Naser al Din Shah. The Shams ul Emareh Palace, Takht-e Marmar mansion (Marble Palace), the Karim Khani Nook, and the Abyaz Hall, the Negar Khaneh Museum, and the Anthropology Museum, are famous parts of the Golestan Palace and Museum Complex that amaze visitors with their wonderful architecture, ornaments and objects kept in them that provide information about the history and art of Iran during Qajar Era.

Golestan Palace Museum is located by Arg Square, in 15 Khordad Street, and the entrance fee for visiting four palaces would be around 15-20 USD.

Saad Abad Palace Complex

The Saad Abad Complex covers a 110 hectares area in the north of Tehran, which is a lush and cool area. Although this complex includes constructions from Qajar era, it is originally known as a heritage left from Pahlavi Dynasty. During the kingdom of Reza Shah, this vast garden got renovated and used as the summer residence of the king and later more glorious palaces and buildings were added to this complex. 18



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