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Visit Kish Island of Iran during World Cup 2022

Visit Kish Island of Iran during World Cup 2022

Located in south of Iran near Qatar, Kish Island is a safe, fun and budget destination that you can visit during or after the World Cup 2022.

July 16, 2022

These days, football fans are impatiently waiting for World Cup, which has been the biggest football tournament during history. The 2022 World Cup is going to be held in Qatar, the first country in Arab World that has hosted World Cup tournament. Besides the fact that World Cup trip has always been a costly experience, Qatar is known as an expensive destination. Therefore, many people who are planning on participating in Qatar World Cup 2022 are thinking about staying in Kish Island of Iran during World Cup 2022, as this place is a much more budget friendly destination compared with Qatar.

Where is Kish Island?

Kish Island is a 91.5-square-kilometer and oval shaped island in the heart of Persian Gulf, 90 kilometers from Bandar Lengeh and 250 kilometers away from Bandar Abbas, the center of Hormozgan Province in the south of Iran. This island is one of the most popular travel destinations of the Middle East after Dubai and Sharm el- Sheikh, and is known as a destination for super fun and diverse sport and sea activities.


Why should Kish Island be visited during or after World Cup 2022?


Kish Island and Qeshm Island are the only visa-free places in Iran, where foreign travelers are allowed to enter without visa and stay for 30 days, and this is a very good opportunity. This excludes travelers from UK, US, and Canada, and they should follow their normal Iran visa process for visiting Kish Island, too.

Note: Apart from thw fact that Kish Island is a visa-free area for most nationalities, Iranian government is going to allow World Cup 2022 participants visit Iran (all cities) visa-free for 20 days. Read More

Diverse and fun

Kish Island is a popular travel destination for almost everyone with any taste in traveling. From thrilling water activities like sky boarding and water skiing, to adventurous activities like snorkelling and diving, and also relaxing activities like sunbathing and swimming, there are a lot of things that you can do in Kish Island. Apart from fun things that you can do by the Persian Gulf beaches in Kish Island, there are many other places where you can spend a full afternoon. One of the most amazing parks of Kish Island is Mir Mohana Park, including a 130-meter-long fishing wharf for fishing lovers and a safe and beautiful cycling area. One of the most famous parks of Kish Island is the Ocean Water Park, where you can enjoy water games and have diverse snacks and non-alcoholic drink at its cafés. You can also enjoy some wild life and see some animals like gazelles in Ahoo Park of Kish, where gazelles live freely.

Kish Island is also a good place for shopping. There are lots of shopping malls in Kish Island, where you can find some of the good Turkish and European brands. Playing some billiard, bowling, foosball, etc. are some other activities that you can enjoy in clubs of these malls.

Kish Island also provides many options for having a great meal. From tasty Iranian cuisines, to fresh seafood, and also different types of fast food, you can have anything you want in professional restaurants of Kish Island.  

A kid friendly destination

If you are going to join the Qatar World Cup with your family, then it sounds like a great idea to visit Kish Island of Iran during World Cup 2022, or even after that, because, Kish Island is one of the most kid-friendly destinations in Iran. First of all, during the World Cup, and even before or after that, the weather in Kish Island is mild and pleasant and you and your kid can enjoy a pleasant sunlight and clean air on the scenic beaches of Kish Island. In this destination you can also find many kid-friendly places where your child can have so much fun for a couple of hours. One of the best places for children in Kish Island is the Highland Amusement Park of Kish, which has a wide range of games for young kids, teens, and adults, like water games, cinema halls, trampoline, video games, and thrilling amusement rides. Another feature that makes Kish Island a kid-friendly destination is its safety, which includes safe driving, very low crime rate, and standard travel services.

Budget destination

Last but not least; Kish Island is a more pocket-friendly destination compared with Qatar, especially during the World Cup when the prices for hotels, food, car renting, etc. will be so high. For example, a double room in a 5-star hotel in Doha would be 180-200 USD, however a room at a 5-star hotel in Kish Island would be 70-100 USD. Also in Kish Island you can rent cars during your stay with a wide price range from less than 50 USD for cars like Renault to 150 USD for luxurious cars.

For any information about Kish Island and booking any travel service like Qatar-Iran ferry ticket, hotel in Kish, renting car in Kish, etc. you can be in contact with PackToIran team.

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