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Adventure and Sport tours in Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022

Adventure and Sport tours in Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022

Now that you have finally got your World Cup 2022 tickets and you are getting prepared for the big and thrilling tournament in Qatar, why not extending your trip to the Middle East after the World Cup and visiting Iran, one of the most amazing and diverse travel destinations in this region.

July 4, 2022

To make this trip to Iran easier for you, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to accept World Cup visitors and fans visa-free for 20 days (Read more here), and also Iranian government and Qatar government have started bilateral cooperation in providing tourism facilities including extra Iran-Qatar flights, from/to different cities of Iran like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish Island, ferries from Doha to southern ports of Iran like Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, etc., and also accommodation facilities in southern islands of Iran which are both relaxing and sport destinations.

If you are such a big fan of World Cup games, that you are traveling to watch the game and support your team, then you are probably a fan of sport activities and adventurous experiences as well and it is interesting to know that you are going to have so much options of adventure and sport activities in Iran after or before World Cup 2022.

Iran is a vast country with a very diverse climate and geography, including snowy and mountainous regions with over 4000-meter-high peaks, dense foggy deserts, warm sunny beaches, and even burning hot deserts, leading to a big verity of nature based and outdoor activity potentials. This diversity has such a big range, that with any taste in nature tours and adventurous activities you will find your favourite hobby here in Iran.

Below are some of the top adventure and sport activities in Iran that you can experience.

1 – Mount Damavand Peak

Located in the north of Tehran and south of Mazandaran province, Mount Damavand is the highest volcanic peak in Iran and the Middle East and one of the top adventure destinations in Iran. Damavand Peak has been mentioned in legendary books and is one of the icons of this ancient land. With 5671 meters’ height, Damavand is the 12th highest peak, and mountain climbers climb this peak on four different planks, and there are glaciers, waterfalls, and fountains on the route. Usually, climbing Damavand Peak professionally takes 3-4 days, including acclimatization days. Considering winds and climate changes in different seasons, climbing Mount Damavand is an adventurous experience which should be accompanied by a professional and local mount climbing guide, who knows different routes, glaciers, and safety tips. Check out Mount Damavand Climbing tour to get more information and details about this adventure in Iran.



Travelers climbing Mont Damavand

Climbing Mont Damavand

2 – Adventures in Qeshm Island

Located in the south of Iran, in the heart of the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, the mysterious Qeshm Island is a wonderful destination that shouldn’t be missed this year after World Cup 2022, especially if you are coming to Iran from Qatar by ferry. Qeshm Island is where you can enjoy a big range of water sports like water skiing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, etc., cycling by scenic beaches, and also trekking through the surreally beautiful mountains, hills, and salt caves all known as Qeshm Island Geo-Park. Paddle boarding and birdwatching in Hara Mangrove Forest, exploring the wonderful Chahkooh Valley, snorkelling on beaches of Hengam Island (a small untouched island near Qeshm), and riding Lenj Boats are some of the adventure and sport activities you can enjoy here, and enjoying scenic sunset landscapes, and sun bathing on untouched beaches, are among the relaxing things you can experience during your memorable Qeshm Island tour.



Traditional Lenj Boat in Qeshm Island

Traditional Lenj Boat in Qeshm Island

3 – Iran Desert Adventures 

Another adventure or sport activity that you can take in Iran after World Cup 2022 is exploring deserts of Iran and enjoying exciting desert activities from camel back riding, to safari, and sand boarding. Iran is home to scenic and vast deserts, each offering wonderful and unique landscapes that you can’t find in many places in the world. Deserts of Iran that are divided into two main deserts named Kavir-e Lut and Dasht-e Kavir are great places for desert adventures, including safaris, stargazing, motor biking, etc. Maranjab Desert which is located 292 km from Tehran and 270 km from Isfahan, is known for its high sand dunes that are perfect for experiencing thrilling desert safaris with 4WD cars, and the Mesr Desert is a perfect place for stargazing. But one of the most adventurous deserts of Iran is the UNESCO listed Lut Desert, which is one of the most scenic deserts of the world. Stretched from Khurasan Province to Kerman Province and Sistan o Baluchistan, traveling through this desert is a real adventure that need to be operated by a professional team. Camping in Lut Desert and enjoying its surreal atmosphere is known as one of the best desert adventures in Iran. The best time of year for exploring the Lut Desert and other deserts of Iran is from late October to December, which is perfectly matched with World Cup 2022 time.



Desert Safari in Iran

Desert Safari in Iran

For receiving more information and detail about any of the adventure and sport activities in Iran that were mentioned above, and also booking any of the tours or travel services, like hotels in ran, Qatar-Iran ferry tickets, flights, etc. you can be in contact with PackToIran team 24/7. 


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