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Join a Tasty Iran Food Tour After World Cup 2022

Join a Tasty Iran Food Tour After World Cup 2022

Iranian cuisines are so tasty and diverse that Iranian culinary and gastronomy in different cities of Iran have become big part of traveling in this country. From north to south of Iran, you are going to learn about many tasty Iranian cuisines, this winter when you travel to Iran after World Cup 2022.

July 3, 2022

Iranians do magic with ingredients, herbs, and spice, when they do cooking, and that is why Iranian culinary is among the tastiest and richest ones in the world. Another characteristic of Iranian culinary is its diversity, which is result of diversity in Iranian culture and geography. From the north down to south of Iran, in each region and city in Iran, you will get acquainted with a new world of tastes that are made with local ingredients, and have roots in culture and traditions of that region. Also you may taste one type of traditional Iranian food in different cities with different tastes and various recipes. For example, the Kalam Polo in Mashhad is much different from the Kalam Polo that locals make in Shiraz.

Exploring the world of Iranian tastes and learning about Iranian culinary is among unique activities that you can experience in Iran. This is delicious experience that has recently become popular among travelers who are interested in food culture of different countries, culinary tours, and gastronomy!

A great time to visit the vast and diverse country of Iran and taking a food tour of Iran is autumn 2022, before or after the Qatar World Cup because the Iranian government has announced that travelers who are joining the World Cup can travel to Iran without visa, and many travelers are now planning on traveling to Iran after or before going to the World Cup.

In Iran, there are different culinary based activities that you can join and experience:

Culinary Class:

In different cities of Iran, there are chefs and Persian cooking teachers that hold classes in workshops or their houses. By joining their classes, you will learn cooking one or two Iranian foods, a dessert, and a starter. Meanwhile, you will learn about the history and origin of the food and also get acquainted with Iranian food culture. Then, the food will be served as a memorable meal with your friends and the cooking teachers.



Female travelers in Culinary class in Iran

Culinary class in Iran

Family Dinner:

According to what foreign travelers say, this is one of the most authentic and lovely experiences in Iran, because it provides the opportunity of meeting a local Iranian family in their house and sharing a meal with them at their table while enjoying Iranian hospitality and their rich culture. Depending on the city where you go to a family dinner, you will be served with the traditional cuisine of that city. For example, in Shiraz you will be served with Kalam Polo, which is one of the top foods in Shiraz, while in a family dinner in Isfahan you will taste traditional foods like Beryani and Khoresht-e Mast (yogurt stew).



Travelers having a meal in a restaurant in Iran

Travelers having a meal in a restaurant in Iran

Bazaar Tours:

The traditional bazaars of Iran are among the most important historical and cultural sites of Iran. Bazaars were the main core of cities since old times, and with all modernization and new bazaars and malls, the traditional bazaars like the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz, Bazaar of Rasht, Bazaar of Isfahan, etc. still play an important role in economy of cities. These tours include walking through these charming bazaars, learning about its history, and finishing the bazaar tour by buying groceries and vegetables from nostalgic shops and fruit peddlers, and also tasting local street foods and snacks like traditional ice-creams, herbal drinks and also fresh seasonal fruits.



A local man selling vegetables in a bazaar 

A local man selling vegetables in a bazaar 

PackToIran team will offer its culinary classes, family dinners, Bazaar tours and most importantly its 9-day Iran Food Tour with 20% discount to World Cup 2022 participants and what could be a better opportunity than this for visiting Iran during autumn 2022. For any information and enquiry about reserving Iran food tours or any other Iran travel service after Qatar World Cup 2022, feel free to be in contact with us.

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