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Wash away Qatar heat by skiing in Dizin after World Cup 2022

Wash away Qatar heat by skiing in Dizin after World Cup 2022

Take Dizin Ski tour of Iran visa free in Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022, and enjoy skiing in one of the most professional ski resorts of Middle East, with reasonable price.

June 27, 2022

Iran is a four-season country and this means so much tourism potentials in this destination. For example, in one day during winter you can enjoy skiing on fresh powdery snow in a professional ski resort, while you can get relaxed by sunny beaches and islands of the Persian Gulf in south of Iran where the temperature is about 15-20 C in winter.

This year, the World Cup tournament which is a thrilling world gathering is going to be held in Qatar after the pandemic, and this means lots of fun and excitement, and why not visiting Iran, an amazing travel destination which is located right beside Qatar and is going to allow the World Cup participants travel in Iran visa free for 20 days.

Iran is a travel destination which is known for having numerous cultural and historical attractions, but the interesting fact is that this country is also a great destination for diverse sport and adventurous activities from sea sports to mountain climbing and even skiing. Yes, skiing in Iran.

Ski resorts in Iran

Iran is a vast country with diverse climate and geography. Some regions are dry and semi-arid, some areas are mild and humid. Iran is also home to two great mountain ranges of Alburz and Zagros which are covered with snow most of the year, and this has led to professional ski resorts in Iran like Shemshak, Tochal, Dizin, Alvares, PooladKaf, etc.

Dizin Ski Resort: Most famous Ski Resort of Iran

Located in the north of Tehran, on the foothills of Alburz Mountain Range, Dizin Ski Resort is the most famous ski resort in Iran and one of the best natural resorts in the Middle East. This great resort has twenty-three different ski runs (totally 7.5 kilometers) and their altitude is different from 3600 meters to 2650 meters above sea level. Dizin Ski Resort also has different facilities like gondolas, chairlifts, grass skiing routes, etc. and also good hotels, chalets, restaurants, cafés. What makes Dizin Ski Resort one of the best resorts in neighbouring countries, is its professional atmosphere for skiing, fresh fluffy snow for more than 5 months in year, and also the pocket-friendly prices. Here you can enjoy skiing with almost half of the price of skiing in European Resort, and this means some extra fun and excitement after the Qatar World Cup 2022 with reasonable prices.

There are also other options except Dizin Ski Resort as mentioned above. Shemshak and Tochal resorts are located in the same area as Dizin, so you can travel to these resorts from Tehran. Also, the Alvares Ski Resort is located in Ardabil Province (Sarein Town) in the northwest of Iran, and is the second standard resort of Iran after Dizin, with an elevation from 3000 to 3200 meters above sea level. The Pooladkaf Ski Resort located 123 kilometers away from Shiraz and is the nearest ski resort of Iran to southern Iran, where the weather is warm most of the year, and by choosing Pooladkaf Resort you can also enjoy visiting attractions of Shiraz.



Dizin Ski Resort - Iran

Dizin Ski Resort - Iran

Here is PackToIran’s suggested Dizin Ski Tour itinerary after Qatar World Cup 2022

Day 1

Fly from Doha to Tehran. Meet your guide at the IKA Airport and get transferred to your hotel. Today visit top highlights of Tehran, including the UNESCO listed Golestan Palace, Iran National Museum and Islamic Era Museum, Tehran Grand Bazaar, and Iranian Artists Forum.

Day 2 – 5

Drive to Dizin in the morning (71 kilometers). Here, you will enjoy skiing or snowboarding on fresh snow for 3 days. If you are not bringing your ski equipment you don’t have to worry as you can rent good ones here at the resort. Your accommodation will be at a chalet or hotel.

Day 6

Say Goodbye to Dizin Ski Resort and drive back to Tehran. Here you can get your flight back home or continue your trip in other cities of Iran like Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, etc.

Note: You also have the option to visit take your Dizin Ski tour before heading to Qatar for the World Cup games, however more snow is guaranteed after the World Cup.



Dizin Ski Resort - Iran

Dizin Ski Resort - Iran


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