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All you need to know about the historical Meybod Town

All you need to know about the historical Meybod Town

Known for its amazing architecture and ancient history the Meybod Town is located in the northeast of Yazd and is one of the must-see places while you are visiting Iran.Read below to find out all you need to know about the historical Meybod Town.

November 8, 2021

Located on the northeast of Yazd city, Meybod is the second populous city of Yazd province with 7000 years of antiquity and amazing attractions and is one of those places that must be visited in Iran. Meybod has a warm and dry climate with long summers making it a great destination for fall and spring.

The history of Meybod

In legends and mythical stories, Meybod and the ancient Narin Ghale were resided by Solomon the legendary prophet. With 7000 years of history behind, Meybod can be considered as one of the main sedentism centers in the Iranian plateau during history. The coins that were made during the Sassanid Era in Meybod, prove that this town was an important place during this era. This town was the capital of Iran during the kingdom of the Muzaffarid dynasty in Iran, and also was an important region during the Safavid Era, when this city was home to many Persian poets.

Narin Castle (Narin Ghale)

The Narin Ghale is not only the most significant attraction in Meybod but also one of the oldest adobe constructions in the history of the world’s architecture. The castle is related to the Sassanid era, however discovering pieces of pottery or coins prove that the castle is more than 5000 years old. With five fences and gates, this construction is so strong that was an impenetrable and safe castle where people sheltered at times of war. The Narin Ghale was a residential castle until the early Islamic era and then it got abandoned. The castle was renovated during different eras, and is located on the highest hill of the Meybod town and offers a scenic view over the town. This castle includes a 15000 meters square area with four circular towers and fortifications, an entrance gate, a deep ditch that was dug around the fortress for security, and the residential area including remains of a mosque bathhouse, and alleys, and a spiral-shaped space known as governor’s palace. One of the interesting things about the architecture of the Narin Castle is the underground network of canals which was designed and carved for transferring food and goods to the castle when people were sheltered from enemies.

Handicrafts of Meybod

Meybod is also known as the city of pottery and Ziloo carpets.

Meybod potteries

It is more than a thousand years since the art of pottery is practiced in Meybod. There are many traditional pottery workshops in this city where they create eye-catching potteries. Potteries of Meybod are characterized by their special patterns like Khorshid Khanom (illustrating the sun as a lady), Morghak (tiny bird), and simple geometrical patterns. The Pottery Museum of Meybod, which is inside a historical water reservoir related to the Qajar Dynasty exhibits a collection of 100 historical pottery pieces, the oldest of which is a pot dating back to the Medes era, discovered in Meybod.

Ziloo carpets

Ziloo is a world-known handmade carpet made with cotton strings, with simple geometrical patterns. The cotton strings are dyed with local plants like pomegranate peel.

The caravanserais

There are remains of historical caravanserais around the city of Meybod most of which are related to the Safavid Dynasty. The most well-preserved caravanserai was made by the order of Shah Abbas and is a vast courtyard surrounded by small rooms and an octagonal construction at the center.

Meybod Icehouse

In the past, ice was considered a precious substance in dry and warm regions like Meybod and Yazd, and the people came up with the idea of constructing icehouses, which are conical buildings at which ice was kept for a long time. The Meybod Icehouse is one of the amazing attractions that you can visit in this desert city.


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