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Top things to do in Hormuz Island

Top things to do in Hormuz Island

With colorful soil, its warm climate and an untouched culture, Hormuz Island is one of the offbeat places that you shouldn’t miss visiting when you travel to Iran, especially during autumn and winter. The fantastic Hormuz Island (Hormoz) is located in southern Iran, in the Persian Gulf and is created by sedimentary rocks and volcanic materials. During summer, the climate on this island is very hot with an average degree of 45 ◦ and 95% humidity, while during autumn and winter the weather is mild and lovely with a peaceful sunshine shining on the endless sea waves.

January 12, 2020

Top things to do in Hormuz Island:

Travel around the Island: Rent a boat, a motorbike or a bicycle and visit all around the Hormuz Island which is 42 km in square and get amazed by each spot that surprise you with new forms and colors.


A traveler biking in Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

The Valley of Statues

Visit the Valley of Statues and the Rainbows Valley. Witness the most amazing and rare geological phenomena like rocks with surreal shapes reminding dragons at the Valley of Statues located 40 meters above the beach, and feast your eyes on the soils in the Rainbow Valley that come in blue, orange, purple, white, red, yellow, green, etc. This is not a view that you can enjoy every day!


 Rocks in Valley of Statues in Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

 Rock and soil in the Rainbow Valley of Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

Nadalian Museum

Checkout the Nadalian Museum. Mr. Ahmad Nadalian is an environmental artist who lives in Hormuz Island and teaches local women how to paint and make artistic crafts. In this museum, you can see the magical paintings and sculptures made by this artist.


 Wall paintings in Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

The Portuguese Castle

The Portuguese Castle of Hormuz Island is a must-see! On 1507 B.C the Portuguese army attacked southern Iran and ruled the area for a while. They built some fortresses in the area and one in the Hormuz Island is one of the most significant ones, which is named “Fort of Our Lady of Conception. Made from reddish stones and faced to the blue sea, the Portuguese Castle of Hormuz Island involves chambers, water reservoirs, barrack, prison, church, and halls.


The Portoguese Castle by the sea, in Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

Local food

For having delicious and chilly local seafood in Hormuz Island find one of the local houses at which the family serves healthy and fresh seafood. This way you can meet locals and interact with them and support the family’s income. Seleydoon Restaurant and Gelak café are also good places to eat in Hormuz Island.


Ghaliye Mahi (fish stew) and rice

Hormuz Island

Henna Tattoo

Get a henna tattoo. Henna tattoo is an old tradition in southern Iran which has got popular among the visitors recently. Henna tattoo which is done by local girls is a fun thing to do in Hormuz Island.


         A local woman drawing henna patterns on a hand

Hormuz Island

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