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Public transportation in Iran - Iran travel guide

Public transportation in Iran - Iran travel guide

If you have not booked an Iran tour and you are going to visit Iran independently, you will need to collect information about the public transportation system in Iran. Read the blog below to find out about taxis, buses, metro and taxi Apps in Iran and also the public means of transportation for traveling between the cities.

April 8, 2021

Public transportation in Iran is an affordable and convenient way to explore the country's cities and towns. With a wide range of options including buses, trains, and taxis, visitors can easily navigate their way around without breaking the bank. Buses are the most common form of public transportation and are available in both urban and rural areas. They are reliable and offer a comfortable ride with air conditioning and sometimes even Wi-Fi. Trains are also a popular choice for longer journeys, offering scenic views and comfortable seating. Taxis are readily available in most cities and are a great option for short distances or when traveling with a group. Overall, public transportation in Iran is an excellent way to experience the country's culture and meet its friendly locals.

Traveling with an Iran tour package is always easy as everything including hotels and transportations is pre-booked for you and you can enjoy visiting different monuments or doing different activities included in your tour. But some travelers look for more adventure and are interested to visit a destination without booking a tour in advance and prefer to try everything such as the destination's public transportation to get more involved in the local lifestyle. So, If you are traveling to Iran independently and without booking a tour with a travel agency in Iran, you may need to have more information about public transportation in Iran and how the transportation system works in this country. You can choose an airplane, train, or bus system to travel to Iran depending on which country you come from. Once you arrive Iran, a moderately decent public transportation in big cities is available at a very low price for everyone especially foreign travelers considering the low value of Iranian Rials (the official currency Of Iran).


Traveling Iran in Van Cars with PackToIran

Tourists Traveling in Van cars - Iran  

Public Transportation throughout the cities of Iran


Taxis are the easiest and the most popular public transport in every single city and town of Iran. To get a taxi in Iran, you can either go to the closest taxi station which is mostly at the squares and the main streets of different cities, or just stand by the side of the street and hail for one. You just need to look interested and shake your hand as you see a yellow or white taxi then you’ll have cars stopping in front of you very quickly. Shuttle taxis (in yellow and green colors) travel between the main streets and squares of the city. They have fixed prices which are usually written on a sticker on their front window and they carry up to 4 people and it would be more appreciated to pay them in change. Sometimes to arrive at your destination you may need to hop on more than one shuttle taxi so you need to know the name of the street or the square or you can hail for a private ride which will be more expensive but faster and more convenient. To hail a private taxi, you can use the word ‘Dar Bast’ to the driver and he will take you to your destination at any location in the city. It is best to negotiate and agree on a price before you get in the car.

There are also agencies that offer taxis which are known as telephone taxis in Iran and every hotel staff and household knows one and they can call and ask for a car to your destination. The agency taxi is more expensive than the shuttle and it can stick around with you all day or you can hire it for your entire stay.


Taxi in Iran

Taxi in Iran

Online taxi and taxi Apps in Iran, an easy way for transportation in Iran 

Today, Snapp application, which is the Iranian form of Uber internet taxi, is the most favorite type of taxi in Iran! If you decide to get a local sim card, You can easily download the app on your phone from its website and select English as the language of the app and easily use this software for taking taxis in all cities of Iran. There are other internet Taxis companies in Iran such as Tap 30 or Carpino but Snapp is the most popular one.

As a traveler in Iran, you also have the option to rent a private car with a professional driver via a travel agency in Iran, which will be with you throughout your tour in Iran.

Metro (subway), an exciting opportunity to meet the locals during public transportation 

Most of the big cities in Iran have a metro system, among which Tehran metro is the most useful one which can help you to escape from the heavy traffic jams in the streets of the capital city of Iran. Tehran metro has four lines and the stations and the trains are quite new, modern, and clean. There are escalators in almost all the stations, but unfortunately, not all of them are equipped with elevators, so it is a bit difficult for disabled people. Smoking is forbidden in every part of the metro stations even in open areas. There are trains every 5 minutes during working days (Saturday to Thursday) in most of the lines. you can buy your tickets from the ticket office in every single station. A one-way ticket is very cheap but if you want to use the metro more than once during the day, it is recommended that you buy a chargeable ticket card from the ticket offices inside the stations which can be much cheaper and more convenient.

Please notice that there are one and a half cars(wagons) at each end of the subway train which is the female-only wagon. It doesn’t mean that women are not allowed to enter the other cars but the men must not enter the women-specific cars. This separation is both for religious purposes and also for making it more comfortable for women, especially during rush hours (i.e. about 7-9 and 18-20) when the metro is packed by the population.

All of Tehran’s metro signs have English translations. You can ask for a metro map at the information but it is easier to download the metro app on your phone. It’s easy to use and available in English.

By the way, if you arrive at IKIA airport in Tehran you can get the subway to get in the city as one line of Tehran Metro is connected to IKIA Airport now. But we recommend you to take a Taxi from the Airport which is faster and easier especially if you have big luggage.


Subway in Tehran

Subway in Tehran

City Bus another way to meet the locals in a public transportation in Iran 

Although city buses cover a vast part of the city, they are slow, make too many stops and English information is absolutely limited except you find someone who speaks English to help you! Please notice that in the city buses women sit in the back and men in the front part of the bus. Women can pay when getting off by going to the driver’s section.

In Tehran, there are also BRT buses which are express buses with their specific route so they don’t get stuck in traffic. Tehran BRT buses are red and go through the main avenues of Tehran. The most practical route is the one connecting the railway station in southern Tehran to Tajrish square in northern Tehran. It goes through Tehran’s longest street Valiasr and makes stops in some of the city’s main squares such as Vanak and Valiasr. Payment is usually done at the entrance of the station. If not, you’re required to pay the driver in person. Having a pay card would make your transportation easier, while you are in Tehran or other big cities.


BRT bus in Iran

BRT bus in Iran

Traveling between Cities

To Travel between cities of Iran using public transportation, you can either choose bus, train or airplane.


Traveling between cities of Iran by bus is really cheap and very easy as many buses are driving between major cities every day. So, it can be the best choice for budget travelers in Iran. Buses run very frequently and if you choose the VIP buses, they are exceedingly comfortable and even you will be offered an afternoon snack. There are usually a few bus terminals in each city and you’d have to know which Terminal has buses to your intended destination. Use the bus as a public transportation in Iran and enjoy the road trip.

PackToIran team is here to help you in booking a bus ticket for traveling between the cities in Iran.



Road trip in Iran by bus 

Road trip in Iran by bus 


Another way for moving between the cities in Iran is taking a train as a public transportation in Iran. if you are traveling in a group you can purchase the ticket for four to six seated wagons in which the seats turn into a bed for a comfortable night sleep as well. Some railways systems, such as Tehran-Mashhad, have different quality levels from luxuries trains to ordinary classifications. For the railways, you need to purchase the tickets at the train stations or some travel agencies.

Our colleagues in PackToIran are pleased to help you with booking train tickets in Iran.



Train in Iran

Train in Iran


All the provincial capitals and almost every cities of Iran have an airport (some cities have international airports such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, etc.) so it is possible to travel between big cities of Iran by Airplane as well. For booking a domestic flight in Iran, PackToIran is here to help.


Domestic flight in Iran 

Domestic flight in Iran 


Car Rent in Iran

When it comes to transportation in Iran, renting a car with a driver is a popular and convenient option for both intra-city and inter-city travel. With a professional driver behind the wheel, you can sit back and relax while exploring the country's diverse landscapes and historical landmarks. To ensure a stress-free rental experience, it's important to choose a reputable rental company that offers well-maintained vehicles and reliable drivers. Pack to Iran can offer you comfortable, modern and trip-friendly cars, with professional guide and drivers. You should also familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and driving customs before embarking on your journey. Renting a car with a driver in Iran can be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to get around. It allows you to avoid the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads and dealing with crowded public transportation. Overall, renting a car with a driver is an excellent option for travelers looking to explore Iran's rich culture and natural beauty. With proper planning and preparation, it can be a safe and enjoyable way to get around the country. So, if you're planning a trip to Iran, consider renting a car with a driver for your transportation needs.


Traveling Iran with PackToIran Team Safely in Professional Off-Road Cars

Tourists experiencing a pleasant tour of Iran, with PackToIran cars



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