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September 23, 2021
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran
With an increase in the number of travelers who are visiting Iran, this country is becoming a popular destination, mainly because of its cultural, historical, and natural sites 26 of which are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read about some of the less touristic UNESCO sites in Iran.
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September 20, 2021
Kashan Bazaar
Nostalgic, stunning, and alive, the historical Kashan Bazaar is one of the best samples of traditional markets in Iran. Wander through the lines of this bazaar and explore its amazing architecture while visiting Kashan.
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September 16, 2021
Niavaran Palace Complex
The Niavaran Palace Complex is one of the three impressive palace complexes of Tehran, and is an amazing attraction for the travelers who are interested in exploring the contemporary history, architecture and culture of Iran.
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September 13, 2021
Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble
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September 9, 2021
Jangal-e Abr (Cloud Forest) in Northern Iran
This might sound odd to you at first but despite what many travelers think Iran nature is not all about deserts and there are dense and foggy forests in the north of Iran, and they are amazing places for hiking and trekking. The Jangal-e Abr (Cloud Forest) is one of the safest and most stunning forests in the north of Iran.
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September 6, 2021
Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz
Dating back to the Zand Dynasty, the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz is one of the main attractions of this city and one of the most significant traditional bazaars of Iran, known for its wonderful architecture and nostalgic atmosphere.
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September 2, 2021
Top Hostels in Shiraz
Read about the top hostels in the stunning city of Shiraz and book your room with a few clicks.
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August 30, 2021
Things to know about Iran
There are some interesting and useful facts and tips that you need to know before arriving in Iran and starting your adventure in this undiscovered country. Here are some of the most important ones:
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August 26, 2021
Jaame Imam Mosque of Isfahan
Built during Safavid Dynasty in the glorious city of Isfahan, the Imam Mosque (Shah Mosque) is one of the most fascinating architectural masterpieces left from this era.
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August 23, 2021
A road trip through Iranian Kurdistan
Are you interested in visiting the Iranian Kurdistan region, known as a unique destination with wonderful landscapes and untouched Kurdish culture? Read about Iran Kurdistan tour of PackToIran and get more information about this special Iran tour.
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